Leadership Team

Lloyd Eisenrich

Lloyd Eisenrich / President

Lloyd Eisenrich, the agency principal, graduated from Texas A & M University and immediately began a career in the banking industry. After realizing the idea of banking and the reality of banking were quite different, Lloyd mentioned to Joe Weatherby, the owner of the Weatherby Agency that he should hire him. And Joe did. Lloyd ‘fell’ into the insurance industry and soon learned it was a natural fit for him. Utilizing his training in finance with his knowledge and experience in insurance, Lloyd enjoys helping others build their businesses. Some of his favorite moments have been helping a startup company or church get their first insurance policy and then watch them grow exorbitantly. Lloyd loves to hunt, travel and attend meetings. Lloyd has served on numerous insurance carrier advisory committees and panels, on the management team at Combined Agents of America, and many local civic organizations. Lloyd loves working with people and he loves to generate insurance solutions for his clients.

Mari Eisenrich

Mari Eisenrich / CEO

Mari Eisenrich graduated from Texas A & M University with a BBA in Management. Shortly thereafter, she married Lloyd Eisenrich and moved to Andrews, Texas where she filled her time with family and community service until Lloyd invited her into the agency in an accounting role. Her role in the agency has expanded to include identifying opportunities and gaps to grow in excellence and to implement continued growth with the leadership and staff. Her management philosophy is to create interdependence between the various roles in the agency to strengthen the team to serve the clients better.

Eric Bua

Eric Bua / Vice President

Eric Bua joined the Management Team in 2013 coming from Travelers Insurance. He is also a graduate of Texas A&M. Like Lloyd, Eric did not consider a career in insurance until a golden opportunity arose to work for Travelers. Eric’s roots in Workers Compensation gave him an understanding of the value of insurance to both the injured employee and their employer. An opportunity to move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area led him to move from the company side of insurance to the agency side. In 2013, Eric joined the management team. An innate work ethic and natural attention to detail combined with strong communication skills and a willingness to learn have made him a valuable asset to the leadership team at the Weatherby – Eisenrich Agency.

Jacob Eisenrich, MD

Jacob Eisenrich, MD / Vice President

Jacob Eisenrich grew up watching Lloyd work, so he had an early exposure to the insurance industry and understood that insurance helped people – helped them when difficult things happened to them personally or in business. He also saw how insurance was a critical component to help businesses grow and achieve their goals and dreams. With the desire to help others in mind, Jacob majored in Biochemistry and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas A&M University on his way to medical school. He excelled in medical school at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and landed a coveted ophthalmology residency position after graduating with his MD in 2014. Partially through his residency, Jacob determined that his future career was not going to provide the opportunities he was seeking and decided to make a career change.  The role insurance has in serving others seemed a natural fit, so Jacob joined the leadership team at the Weatherby – Eisenrich Agency in 2016. The time he spent in medicine further developed his natural ability to communicate complex concepts in relevant and relatable ways, which has further enhanced Weatherby – Eisenrich’s ability to serve is clients.